Natural and Urban Devices

Natural and Urban Devices (NUDes) are a conceptual series of architectural add-ons designed to upgrade existing buildings and incorporate nature into public spaces.
Type of project
  • Systemic changes

Natural and Urban Devices (NUDes) is a conceptual series of architectural add-ons which are designed to upgrade existing buildings and incorporate nature into shared public spaces.

NUDes offers an accessible and sustainable means of refurbishing, instead of demolishing, buildings. These devices are effectively ‘plugged into’ existing constructions, enabling them to adapt to different conditions, such as a pandemic or another black swan.
The NUDes add-ons range from miniature forests that can be added onto roofs, to origami-inspired structures that can be attached to existing facades and serve as vertical urban farms, enabling people to produce their own food. Each is designed to be built according to the sustainable standards of the circular economy, following modularity and prefabrication methods.

With the pandemic highlighting the role architecture on our wellbeing, NUDes explore how our urban environment could be built with resilience, adaptability and sustainability in mind.

Idea by

Jose M Mateo Torres

Cartagena, Spain
Jose M Mateo is a young emerging architect partner at Martin Lejarraga Architecture Ofiice since 2019 and MBArch at IE, interested in the intersection of architecture and other disciplines like biology, chemistry, anthropology or sociology…. He believes that architects and designers worldwide need to help solving the hugest problems the world face nowadays: climate change, food and overpopulation, water scarce or the rewilding of cities and nature reconnection.

Call for ideas 2021  –  Original Link

Aerial View 1_A whole city is upgraded by NUDes. New public space layers appear connecting roofs and façades

Pedestrian View. Streets are no occupied by cars any more but by leisure and natural spaces.

Aerial View. Buildings are refurbished and not demolished, the best way architect have to be help the environment and be sustainable.

Interior View. The interior of our homes and workspaces also need to change, being more flexible, adaptable and healthier.