Home Automation

  • Any solution can be monitored and controlled in real time via user friendly mobile / web application
  • Automatisation kit sends email & sms alerts, live feed to twitter or IRC.
  • Sustainable energy solutions ( wind turbines + solar panels / collectors )
  • Solar / wind powered Line-Interactive Uninterruptible Power Systems ( Energy Backup 1-250V, 550 VA/330 W to 10 kVA/8 kW )
  • Door : open-close state, open-close motor, NFC activated ( Near Field Communication - Coded NFC card as key ), IR ( InfraRed ) activated , camera movement activated ( sends pictures to email & logs ), bell with away message and log.
  • Window : open-close state, open-close motor ( temperature & humidity sensor ), rain sensor ( auto close windows ), curtains open-close + Temperature / Light sensor .
  • Lights : state, switch on off ( time schedule ), intensity, LED / Lights installation .
  • Kitchen : Built-in Aquaponics Grow Bed and Fish Tank
  • Devices: any electronic/mechanical device can be automatised

( 1-250V and 6 Am ) state and on/off switch, energy usage monitoring, IR ( InfraRed ), NFC ( Near Field Communication - objects are present or not + various user data ), movement sensor, light sensor, temperature sensor, air humidity sensor, soil humidity sensor, water pH level, water level sensor, leak sensor, noise sensor, camera + online streaming, time schedule, e-mail or sms alerts, live feed to Twitter, IRC or web page.

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